Game Projects

  • Slightly Angry Max

    Ludum Dare #38 (game jam) entry. Unity/ C#

  • 3D Bowling

    Bowling simulation, Unity / C#

  • RetroLazer

    Space shooter, Unity / C#

  • Glitchy

    Plants vs Zombies clone. Unity / C#

  • YAAC

    Yet Another Arkanoid Clone, Unity / C#

  • Escape

    Text Adventure with a twist, Unity / C#

Programming Projects

As Developer in test (System Test Engineer): creating and maintaining test frameworks and automated tests for continuous integration environments (back end systems for shared hosting, dedicated servers and openstack-based cloud hosting). Python-based frameworks and tests (functional, regression, integration, system), with occasional dive into php to check web servers functionality, automated with Jenkins for scheduling, reports and commit deployment.

Personal programming projects include, but are not limited to: web crawlers, simple game engines, games and media players with pyglet/pygame, plugins, just-for-fun scripts like virus population simulator :)

About Me

I worked professionally as a developer in test, technical support specialist and radio reporter/journalist.

I freelanced as a technical coach, editor, webmaster, sound/video editor, and tech writer.

I have a bachelor's degree (Polish Philology, socio-cultural specialisation) from Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, with thesis on creating horror in music and literature.

I enjoy doing many things :)

Still, I find working with games most rewarding. It's an unique medium, where many skills and areas of knowledge come together. That's why I'm so interested in them - in the technology and design equally, and my aim is to become a well-rounded generalist.

Contact me

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